You had me at Beyonce


I was just sitting here at my computer daydreaming.  About last night’s Super Bowl.

I’m sure you’re thinking that’s not so out of character for Middle-age butch.  You are, after all, a flannel-clad, masculine-leaning, sports-obsessed lesbian, you might say.  Isn’t watching football mandatory for your kind?

Why, yes, I did watch the game.

But the truth of the matter is that I really wasn’t that into it.  I’m not a fan of either team.  The match-up didn’t excite me.  And I gave up betting on sports years ago.


Beyonce performs at the Super BowlBut then there was Beyonce.

Looking all Amazon warrior in that black leather outfit/lingerie.  Like the fucking queen of the Amazons.

Her long legs stretched all the way to the top of the Superdome.  I’m pretty sure that’s why the power went out.

Now, I have never been a Beyonce fan.  I’ve always preferred TLC over Destiny’s Child.  I usually like my rock stars a little more edgy (see Melissa Etheridge), and soulful (see Melissa Etheridge) and angry lesbian (see Melissa Etheridge).

But then there was Beyonce.

Shaking her perfect hips and wagging her finger.  Looking all Sasha Fierce.

The all-girl band didn’t hurt, either.  Damn.

I politely clapped after each number.

The kids kept telling me that Beyonce can’t hear me.

They are rude and impertinent.  And know nothing about sports.

Besides, it really didn’t matter.  During those 12 minutes, it was just me and Beyonce.

So, the highlight of Super Bowl XLVII?

The half-time show.

I’m pretty sure someone is going to be showing up soon to revoke my Butch Lesbian card.

24 responses to “You had me at Beyonce

  1. Uh yeah, she was smokin’ hot. Loved the outfit. Gotta get me one.

  2. Oh back up woman! lol….I was watching her and thought she’s so hot! But what really crossed my mind was that she wasn’t skinny. She’s fit for sure but she makes a statement! You can be stunning, beautiful AND hugely sexy without being that anemic/bulimic/anorexic looking thin! Sexy as hell she was….alas, I’m not switching teams..but for her? hum…..maybe! 🙂

  3. Oh….and her outfit?! OMG….no one could wear it like she did! I was fixated….*sigh*……

  4. They’re gonna have to take my card as well then. And I’m also with you on the lack of interest in the game. Hell, I was the one in the kitchen making the food while my partner was in watching the game. . .deciding on who to root for based solely on the uniforms.

  5. Is there a butch badge I can give ya, cause you need that more the a suspension…LOL…. I am right there with ya!

  6. Beyonce was nothing less than riveting. I, too, love that she is a normal sized human. To fit into that outfit I might consider a it-up or two.

    On a side note, don’t you just love impertinent children? LOL!

  7. No one will ever revoke your butch-card for admiring the female form…most certainly not one clad in leather and lace. She could have been singing anything, hell you could have been watching with the sound off, but nobody will blame you for enjoying her performance.

  8. She was working it!!

  9. Storm M. Silvermane

    I am a huge football fan.. and I was slightly disappointed in the game and the power outage was just WOW.. really?… for the first time in a couple of years I have actually enjoyed the half time show. I like Beyonce more when she is singing with Destiny’s Child.. but you know what I have all kinds of respect for that woman she handled the rude ass Kanye stunt with class.. but on the other side of things.. that woman is HOT! and knows how to throw out a performance! Just wish she would not ever sing Single Ladies again

  10. I have to agree with the general sentiment that there was some sort of sporting event at the Beyonce concert. She is amaaaazing! And so ridiculously hot…I have no words.

  11. Haha, I like staring at Beyonce too.

  12. She’s no Ella Fitzgerald…nor even Aretha Franklin (who – to me at least – was as nice to look at as she was to listen to – and at least when her lips were moving, she was actually singing…)

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