Thoughts on lesbian erotica

The Harder She ComesW got me a book of lesbian erotica for Christmas.

The Harder She Comes: Butch/Femme Erotica.

Now, I’m not a huge reader of erotica of any kind.  I’d much rather tuck into my own imagination instead of a book when I want to get turned on.

I’m definitely a less-is-more kind of girl.  Sometimes a slight sliver of skin is sexier than, well, the full monty.

Case in point: Last night, I was casually browsing for lesbian content on WordPress.  Paging through pictures of rainbow flags, Jodie Foster, studs, bois, butches, femmes.  And there it was.  It looked angry and shocked.  All pink and exposed.  I thought it might be useful for teaching the finer points of  female genitalia to novice gynecologists but certainly not for turning on this lesbian.

I chalked it up to a lesbian post for guys and not for actual lesbians.  It’s never very hard to tell the two apart.

Random thoughts on erotica:

  • Erotica is very personal.  What might float this butch’s boat, might not float yours.  So, an anthology containing 20 or so stories might only have two or three that get my motor running.
  • I'd rather read books by this woman than books about naked women.

    I’d rather read books by this woman than books about naked women.

    It’s not always the most well-written prose on the market.  If I have to choose between Joyce Carol Oates‘ newest novel and Lesbian Samurai Zombies (real title), well, Oates will win out just about every time.  I often think that I could write lesbian erotica  that’s just as good as, if not better than, what’s currently available.  Maybe I’ll give that a shot this year.  I’ll need to start working on a  pseudonym pronto.

  • I can only remember one erotic story from over the years.  It didn’t even involve any actual sex.  Just some sexual tension. But it had a great ending image involving a woman clad in a pair of tall black leather boots.  (This butch has a thing for women in high leather boots.)

Anyway, The Harder She Comes is pretty good as far as lesbian erotica goes.  I find the whole butch/femme dynamic fascinating.

I’ve found myself evolving over the years from tomboy to lesbian to soft butch to butch.  I’m thinking that this year I might want to butch up a little more.

I’ll no doubt blog more about my quest to become a butchier butch, but I thought I would plant the seed in this post.


15 responses to “Thoughts on lesbian erotica

  1. Do you read the book together? That adds a whole separate element.

  2. Yeah, I ran into that same photo. They should warn a girl next time!

  3. *Goes off in search of the photo* lol.

  4. “become a butchier butch”… now that’s something i can add in my to-do for this year. 🙂

  5. I personally liked this particular book! Great review!

  6. you know what…i just love reading your shit lol. it makes me smile every time i do and gives me hope that there might be a W and you fit for my life. not to mention i just think you`re an incredibly gifted writer. you make the every day monotony of life…vibrant! good on you girl…sir lol 😉

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  8. Pornography: I do what I want, regardless of how it is for you. It’s all about me.

    Erotica: I do what you want. I take pleasure in your pleasure; it’s all about you and us.

    That’s about the best definitions I’ve come across. I hate the former, crave the latter (but find so damn little of it – especially online…)

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