The only way these two lesbians will see Zero Dark Thirty

The Oscar nominations came out today.

W read the nominees to me, and we did a quick intake of all of the movies that we’ve seen this year.

Turns out that we’ve seen just about every movie that has garnered nominations.  Except for Zero Dark Thirty.  If you haven’t heard of Zero Dark Thirty, it’s a movie about the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden.  The film is  controversial because of its torture scenes.

W and I are turned off by the torture scenes.  We are tree-hugging lesbians, for crying out loud.

This is a conversation that W and I had about Zero Dark Thirty this morning:

Me: I have absolutely no desire to see Zero Dark Thirty.

W: Me neither.

Me: Jessica Chastain just isn’t enough to get my butt in a seat at that movie.

W: I know.

Me: I mean, if it was Zero Dark Jennifer Aniston, then maybe.

W: There you go.

Me: Or, Zero Dark Sofia Vergara.

W: Now I would see that!  And, they could torture me in a back room while I viewed it.

Me: I’m ok with that.

Sofia, these two lesbians love you

Sofia, these two lesbians love you

6 responses to “The only way these two lesbians will see Zero Dark Thirty

  1. Yeah, I saw Zero Dark Thirty and for a minute there, I was like “Wow, I hope no one ever puts me in a box like that. I’d go nuts.” But then that part was over. I survived.

    I will say that I think my husband liked this movie better than I did.

    • True enough. I’m sure we’d get through it just fine.

      It’s kind of like Schindler’s List or Sophie’s Choice. Great movies, certainly. But it’s hard to get motivated to watch them.

      We did watch Hurt Locker after it won Best Picture. A good movie, but again difficult to watch because of the subject matter.

      If Zero Dark Thirty Wins, then perhaps we’ll watch it. A hot actress would make it a little more palatable.

  2. TOTALLY agree! Or Zero Dark Kate Beckinsale…

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