Why my cat has half a Sharpie mustache

I accidentally gave my cat Magic a half mustache with a black Sharpie marker.

I was on the phone with the Help Desk at work.  The tech said to write down the ticket number.  “Do you have a pen?” she asked.

I was holding the other cat on my right shoulder and went to grab a pen with my left hand.  I ended up with a Sharpie and very awkwardly pulled off the cap with my free hand.  The cat walked in front of my hand or something like that.  It all happened so fast.

So, now Magic has half a mustache.

At first, we all laughed and pointed at her.

“I am hideous,” she said to herself.

And, then I gave her treats so W could get a picture.

“Hey, this mustache thing isn’t so bad,” she said.

She pawed the other cat away from the treats.  Which made her look like Zorro.  When she turned her head to the right.  Because she only has half a mustache.


Now, she thinks she’s the shit because she has a partial mustache and the other cats don’t.

3 responses to “Why my cat has half a Sharpie mustache

  1. I can imagine this happening in my house and no one believing that it was an accent.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible adorable tale.

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