Murray Christmas!

I have decided to fill all of my emptiness and holes with cats.

At first, I thought about bringing home a brand new kitten on Christmas Eve.  I figured that I would scour all of the local adoption places and pick out the perfect kitty.  I would make plans to pick up the kitten the day before Christmas and then surprise the whole family with a kitten in a box.


A box of kitten.  A box of wine.

It just goes to show that boxes of stuff make awesome gifts.

Christmas kitten in hatMaybe I’d dress her up in a little Santa hat or place her in a fur-trimmed stocking.

I can hear the “awwws” as I type.

A few nights ago, I told W that I wanted a new cat and wanted to name her Merry.

“Why would you want to name a cat Mary?” she asked.

“Not, Mary,” I said.  “Merry.”


“No, not Murray.  Merry, as in Merry Christmas.  M-e-r-r-y.  But, now that you mention it, Murray Christmas would be an awesome name.”

W thinks that I pronounce certain words like banana and ruin and now, obviously, merry incorrectly.

Anyway, I’m quite smitten with the idea of a female cat or kitten named Murray Christmas, or just Murray for short.

But then I had an even better idea that would ensure a constant, never-ending stream of furry, adorable felines.

“We should foster kittens,” I casually informed W last night.

No!” she replied immediately without even giving the idea any thought.  “I would get too attached, and they would make a giant mess in the house.”

I told her that I was just researching the subject and assured her that I hadn’t signed us up for anything.  Yet.

Then I mentioned that if she wasn’t into fostering cuddly kittens that need to be bottle fed and socialized we could always volunteer to trap feral cats or feed feral cat colonies.

“I’m not sure what those jobs entail, but they were listed on the website,” I said.

Now, fostering a few sweet, soft kittens is looking pretty good to her.

So is Murray Christmas, for that matter.

5 responses to “Murray Christmas!

  1. My girlfriend just started fostering kittens. She is a dog person. It’s funny, the things she tells me. What does this mean? What does that mean? I never realized how much I knew about cats. I hope you get your Murray Christmas. Such a cute name. Waiting to see the pictures. 🙂

  2. The interesting thing about fostering cats/kittens is this: YOU get attached to them but they don’t get attached to you! They used to be seen as gods remember, they haven’t forgotten and they don’t let us, puny humans, forget either. You can foster them and find a good home and they will leave and never look back….because they can do that sort of thing! lol…frikken cats! Gotta love them. I just adopted 2 and insisted my dogs welcome them in and make them feel at home. As if that was a legitimate worry. When the 5 month old 7 pound cat beats up on the 150lb Rottweiler, well what can you do? Other than film it and load it up on youtube? Cats rule the roost. We all just need to remember that.

  3. Yes, name your female cat Murray! I’m a Mary with fond memories of being a Murray. At age 20 I had a blue collar job with a residential customer base. One day in July, my boss dropped me off at the home of an elderly couple. I was sporting a buzzcut and men’s work clothes. My boss introduced me: “This is Mary, please speak with her if you have any questions.” The Iran Contra hearings were blasting on the television in the background. I remember thinking that our customers were a bit deaf. I wasn’t sure about their eyesight either. The couple peered at me. “Murray”? My boss corrected them: “No, Mary.” This was repeated several times. Finally, my boss just laughed and said “Murray.” The couple beamed and smiled and offered me cookies. I was onsite at their home for a week and I don’t think they ever figured it out. Inexplicably, it took me over 20 years to come out after my summer as Murray. Go figure. But, that’s a story for another day. I’m just another late to the party lesbian who is also looking for that instruction manual on how to let go of the past. I hope you get your kitten!

    • Thanks, Murray. I mean, Mary. We’ll see what happens in the kitten department. And, thanks for checking out this party of a blog. I’ll let you know if I find that damn instruction manual.

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