Today I got roses

W came home from work today and handed me a beautiful bouquet of roses.

12 red


2 yellow

(For friendship, she said.)

After she handed them too me, she gave me a kiss and a hug and told me that she loved me.

Sometimes it’s weird being on the receiving end of such gestures.  I like to be the one who holds the door, pumps the gas and gives the flowers.

I’m the butch, after all.

But today it was nice to feel appreciated.  To know that I’m loved and that someone is thankful for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have someone in your life who is thankful for you.

11 responses to “Today I got roses

  1. Aw that’s such a sweet gesture! I suppose giving and receiving are equally important in a relationship, after all.

  2. I’ve found that sometimes the butchest girls are the mushiest. LOL

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  4. ilovemacaroniart

    I have always loved flowers… 🙂

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