Both Claire Danes and I have shiny new awards

I just got nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award.  This is a huge thrill as the last formal award that I received was Best Female Softball Player back in the 90s.  Yeah, I know, you’re all so surprised.

A big-shout out to mike75 from Untitled*Unlimited for this nomination.  mike75 blogs about, well, just about anything (hence the title).  Like the top ten literary figures he’d like to meet and whether or not the Gene Wilder version of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory trumps the Tim Burton remake.  Anyway, mike75 has some interesting things to say, so you should check him out.

In accepting this One Lovely Blog Award, I’m supposed to do a few things:

  1. Post the One Lovely Blog Award logo on my blog (see above).
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated me and link back to his blog (thanks again, mike75).
  3. List seven things about myself (ah, you’re drowning in anticipation).
  4. Nominate some other blogs for this award (wait for it).

So in keeping with the One Lovely Blog Award tradition, here are seven random things all about me.  It’s sort of like an acceptance speech.  But not really.

ONE.  I use to play third base on a co-ed softball team because I had the strongest arm on the team.

TWO.  I once lost a Nike tennis shoe while hiking/falling down Mount Nittany after a mountaintop keg party.  Flashlights.  That’s what we forgot.

THREE.  I think Cream of Wheat is the most perfect food in the world.

FOUR.  I’m afraid of Mrs. Butterworth, the talking maple syrup bottle.  Oh, and people on stilts.

FIVE.  In fourth grade, my mother wouldn’t let me play the drums.  Why?  “Because drums are for boys,” she said.  Instead, I played the flute, which I hated and repeatedly tossed down the stairs.  This is why I was never in a really cool all-girl band like The Runaways.  And, why I became a lesbian.  At least that’s what I tell my mother.

SIX.  I have a huge lesbian crush on Jennifer Aniston.

Especially in The Good Girl

SEVEN.  I once ignored my brother for two entire months because he wouldn’t let me watch General Hospital after school one day.  Bastard.

With that being said, here are some interesting and well-written blogs that I read.  Please give them a look.  Oh, and thanks again to mike75 for the nod.

  1. 40 is the new 13 — These are her 40s … what happened?  A lot of great writing and on-point observations about getting older and raising kids.  Did she secretly assault Jerry Lewis?  Read to find out.  Plus, she looks absurdly hot in a 1980s fraternity picture.
  2. Queer Simian Blogging — Where Dolly Parton meets science fiction.  How can you not be intrigued.  Gotta love the latest post that mentions The Runaways, Angels in America and Xena:Warrior Princess in the same sentence.
  3. The Musings of a Lesbian Writer — A whole lot of randomness, mixed in with some usefulness.  Worth a read, especially if you are an aspiring writer.
  4. Old, new or true — Books to keep you out of mischief.  Beautifully written reviews of all sorts of books.  It makes me want to read more.
  5. How to Be a Hipster Without Really Trying — The somewhat hilarious, occasionally insightful, mostly unexciting story of this blogger’s life as a closted gay guy living in this great big world.

Me and Claire Danes. Winners.


18 responses to “Both Claire Danes and I have shiny new awards

  1. Congrats and thanks for the chuckles. I needed them today.

  2. Glad I could amuse you. Thanks for reading.

  3. Great post! I also love Cream of Wheat, almost as much as cinnamon toast.

    • I think it’s the simplicity of it all. Cream of Wheat with a touch of brown sugar and milk. My grandmother used to make it for me, which is probably why I love it so. I guess I’m like a modern day Oliver Twist with my porridge … er, Cream of Wheat.

  4. It’s true Ms. Buttersworth eats your soul when you sleep 😉

  5. God, I LOVE Claire Danes. She would be my secret lesbian crush if I were in fact a lesbian. And I LOVE cream of wheat – that’s the honest to God truth. And the movie The Good Girl rocked. Congrats on the award. And nice to meet you. 🙂

    • Ya gotta love Claire Danes for the simple fact that she was Angela Chase on My So-Called Life. Not a bad pick for a lesbian crush, if you were a lesbian and all. She’s looking rather butch in Homeland. Thanks for reading and introducing yourself. Love your blog!

  6. Thanks. The feeling is most definitely mutual. Just discovered yours but I’m enjoying the pants out of it. Also, I mean – with a screen-name like yours I have to follow. Cause my mama always told me to listen to my elders.:D

  7. Pingback: Dog Pictures, Awards and a Kind of Ghost Story « 40 is the new 13

  8. There is something terribly wrong with Ms. Butterworth….she’s plastic now, right? She’s just creepy, ok?

    • Yes, talking condiment containers are creepy and just plain wrong.

      • Condiment containers in general are creepy and wrong? lol!!! Its a crazy topic.

      • Hmmm … I think you might be onto to something there, Rose Chimera. I can’t stand those new easy squeeze Heinz ketchup bottles. I can never tell which way is up for storing in the fridge.

      • lmao!!!! Ok let’s go there! What about those squeeze mayo bottles? The jelly in plastic squeeze bottles, ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, salad dressing, all in plastic squeeze bottles…hum…what else….?

      • I can imagine me telling my kids: When I was a kid, we didn’t even have plastic squeeze bottles. We had glass bottles and jars and had to use a butter knife to remove their contents.

      • Imagine that…have to put a little effort into smearing the condiments. I think the plastic weighs less, costs less to produce, right? That’s why the change to plastic everything. Personally I don’t like plastic whether its condiments or drinking cups, plates, flatware etc. I think they are pourous therefore absorb all kinds of nasty things and you can’t really get them sterile clean. Sounds like a phobia now that I’ve typed it. Ok. Maybe it is. lol!!!

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